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If you believe health is much more than just the absence of disease, then you've found the right community here.



Combining evidence-based methods, of natural alternatives and quantum biology with nervous system regulation techniques has produced sustainable health optimization time and time again. 

Just take a look at the reviews. 

Everyone has the power to create the life they desire and Limitless Wellness was created to help clarify the necessary steps to reach your goals. The mission is to help you optimize your health and reach your highest potential.

There's no reason not to join in on the journey to Limitless Life!

Laurel Parker-Chan



Laurel is a very talented, intelligent, and attentive trainer. She works you towards potential that you never knew you had. Each training session is meticulously planned out and is a step in a series of steps to get you to your goal. A methodical work in progress. She doesn’t just throw a new workout or exercise at you for no reason, it is all part of the process in achieving your goals in a safe and timely manner while mitigating the risk of injury. Her knowledge of the human body and the function of the various the muscle groups is amazing and I learn something new from her at each session. I used to suffer from terrible back pain, and I can honestly say that I am now pain free without the use of any medications whatsoever. I have never felt as good as I do now, and I owe this to Laurel and Define. I would highly recommend Laurel to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and attentive trainer to help them reach their full potential both physically and mentally.

Jay Hans, NY

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