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world of wellness wonders

Welcome one, welcome all! My name is Laurel and I am beyond thrilled to share with you my expansive knowledge in all things wellness. Strap in and get your readers ready!

I'll be covering topics from gut health, to traumatic processing, even as far out as how artificial intelligence can better our wellbeing. I love to geek out, but also love to just start a conversation in some topics I feel have not gotten the attention they deserve. Please feel free to contact me through the website or email to ask me to break down the science behind something you're curious about, or even just to give feedback or chat! I love to dig deep and share the knowledge... because after all, our depth of knowledge is equal to our vastness of perception, and thus the greatness of our power.

Welcome to the club ya'll!

Let's begin this adventure and see where it takes us!

what do you say?

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