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Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape


Our recommendations are based on personal experience working with clients from all walks of life. We have become affiliates for the products we recommend because we believe in their ability to support a healthy lifestyle. From office lights to gym shoes, we have selected a range of products that can benefit everyone looking to optimize their health. We encourage you to explore our recommendations and see how they can help improve your overall well-being.

Over the Mountains


Higher Dose

I use my infrared pEMF travel mat just about every day, for any and everything. I even purchased one for my dad since he had been dealing with back pain and gastrointestinal issues. The redlight face mask is amazing for more than just its versatility and portability, it includes the well-researched wavelengths of red and NIR light that are known for their many benefits. I haven't yet purchased the neck mask, although I highly recommend it for those dealing with thyroid issues. 

ps. Therasage, #04 on this list, has an equally if not more awesome pEMF IR mat, check it out!


Norb lights

My clients, and even my partner think I'm nuts when they hear how I live using only small red light lamps at night, but they also go nuts over these lights I've found during research. I often recommend that people who work at home use the Norb Smile where they work, and the Norb Sleep for their dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathroom areas. These are the most affordable circadian-friendly light bulbs on the market while being extremely effective. 

use code limitlesslaur at checkout for $$ off!



iris software

I could not be more happy to share this awesome software with you. Having Iris, I never worry when I've forgotten my blue light-blocking glasses, because this incredible software keeps my circadian rhythm safe by constantly adjusting the light my computer relays to match that of the natural environment specialized to where I am currently located! Try the risk-free trial yourself and experience the difference after using your computer as you normally would.



This site is an oldie goldie. It has soo many of your wellness goodies and such a heartwarming value proposition for the brand. Some of my favorites on here include the portable infrared saunas, EMF mitigating bracelets, IR pEMF & red light mat, and theracomfort blanket. I am excited to eventually try some of their new items like the Theracold dip! 

use code  limitlesslaur  at checkout for more $$ off!

robby from therasage.jpeg


flux footwear

I always tell my clients, "if I were to design a shoe, it would be these". The lightweight, sturdy build and wide-toe box should say it all, but this company went the extra mile to complete the soles with a biofeedback-allowing mechanism. This not only strengthens the muscles in your feet, but also the reflexes and nerves in your feet, WHILE you're working out! You'll want to get on their newsletter since they're often out of stock. And check out their super affordable EMF-shielded crossbody bag! 


Harmony 783

I don't need to say much- just look how cute these shoes are... oh and yes, they keep you grounded! Literally. I love to see innovative technology helping us stay closer to nature. I definitely recommend hiking boots or some casual walking shoes to boost the benefits of your daily walks!
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