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here are the current available options for working with your local wellness educator and coach, Laurel

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Depending on your needs, we'll create a plan for you to follow toward your health optimization goals and meet once a week to keep you on track. As you grow, your plans change, but we stay consistent with our weekly meet-ups. With this option, you are welcome to reach out to via text whenever you need some assistance from your coach.


In Person 1:1

Live in the capital region of NY? Lucky you! You get to come into the gym, once or twice a week to train with coach Laurel, who'll help guide you through an intentional exercise routine that shapes around your current needs and goals. Getting Laurel in person weekly, also allows you to hear about the latest research in health and how you can adapt these new understandings here and now. 

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At Home

Live within the capital region of NY, and have a simple home gym? Let coach Laurel be your personal trainer and health coach within the comfort and convenience of your home gym! Very few spots are available, so reach out ASAP to secure your convenient health optimization journey now!

"Laurel is an amazing trainer, and in addition to designing a program around my specific needs...

I would strongly recommend Laurel to anyone seeking a competent, dedicated and effective trainer."

John Peterson

"She works you towards potential that you never knew you had."

Jay Hans

"I have been working with Laurel for almost 2 years. Not only has she been my trainer, cheerleader, teacher, nutritionist but also and most importantly my friend. Someone I can truly trust with my mental and physical health."

Valerie Andrews

"My highest recommendation!"

Phil Moore

"Unlike most fitness professionals, Laurel identifies the root cause of the problem so it will never be an issue again. I came to her not knowing anything about functional training, nutrition, or spirituality and she had given me a never-ending amount of information."

Julianna Mirabile

"I had a great experience working with Laurel."

"I have been training with Laurel for the past year and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life !!"

"She’s kind and funny but also pushes you to do the best you can."

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