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At Limitless Wellness, we are committed to providing you with only the highest quality food and supplement recommendations. Our founder and coach, Laurel, has strict standards when it comes to health optimization, and only recommends products that meet her criteria. By using the discount code provided, you'll be able to access these products at a reduced price and experience the benefits for yourself.

*This site is completely educational, not medical advice. 

highest rec.



Dr. Ted Achacoso and Dr. Scot Sherr's most amazing creation, well besides the fMRI and CT scans. Tro Blue is my go-to for energy and focus throughout the week. check out their amazing blog and podcast to learn more about their great products and health optimization! 

ps. this is amazing for taking your fitness or studies to the next level!

code: LimitlessLaur


Liquid M. Blue

just about everyone who works in high nnEMF settings can use some MBlue. This compound has a variety of benefits from increased energy production, to cellular protection against nnEMF, and even with memory retention and recall! this is the most economical fashion, to enjoy MB. i often recomend starting with just a few drops in 1/2 a shot of water, to eventually working to a full dropper shortly after waking up. of course, read up on MB too see if you feel it's right for you. 

code: LimitlessLaur


Magnesium Caspules

this is a must-have in my eyes. with more than 80% of us defiecient in magnesium, and the dietary guidlines not accounting for 30% of our NECCESSARY amounts, i am so grateful to have found Bioptimizers. They are truly passionate about their creations and extremely intelligent in their practices. if you think you already have a good magnesium supplement, i challenge you to try theirs for just a month. Magnesium Breakthrough has yet to disappoint! 

code: LimitlessLaur

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places to shop


Thrive Market

a must have, in my eyes! online shopping through the best high quality organic brands using Thrive's smart filters is so key to a sustained healthy diet.


use this link to get 40% off your first order!


Primal Kitchen

my favorite brand for all sauces and condiments! you can always trust that they use quality ingredients to make delicious sauces, food and more!


code: LimitlessLaur


Misfits Market

they offer some great brands at such affordable prices! Why not help out the earth by lessening our food waste? 




My favorite Local Delivery Service! Fast, clear, and easy


Our Local Co-op!

ps. I'm a owner member here, where I teach classes for free, check the events page for "Quantum Health Club"!

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Uncle Sam's Health Food

absolutely love this store for any herbal needs! The owner is very knowledgeable in nutrition therapy and super helpful!

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Dr. Gupta's Formulations

Intentfully made supplements to help with chronic systemic inflammation. I was lucky enough to meet the amazing doc behind all the magic, and I must say, her energy is lovely!

use code LIMITLESSLAUR at checkout!

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Microbiome Labs

this pioneering company is a favorite of mine when it comes to everything gut health. they've made the healing process so simple with innovative technology and a passion for the microbiome. health coaching clients of mine are able to order directly from the site with discounts. it is important to purchase from them directly since many competitors have made counterfeit versions to sell on amazon. 


Quick Silver Scientific

using uniquely crafted, cutting edge technology, Dr. Chris Shade has developed some of the most trusted and effective products assisting your body's natural detox methods. health coaching clients of mine receive gracious discounts on all their products, though my favorite is their classic push catch bundle. 

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